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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Jan 6, 2020

When do you know your client ready for intuitive eating when they have been in the throws of an eating disorder? Please welcome our first guest on our podcast Ms. Evelyn Tribole, the registered dietitian who co-authored THE book Intuitive Eating A Revolutionary Program that Works!

Meredith and Jill had the opportunity of interviewing Evelyn for this part 1 of a 2 part interview. In this episode Evelyn discuses  the importance of supervision for clinicians when providing guidance to their clients on the concepts and implementation of the intuitive eating process. What Evelyn describes as important to the client knowing they have something to “recover to.”

Supervision is imperative as knowing how to provide guidance to your client goes well beyond any intellectual knowledge that you have (many have read her book); supervision provides guidance around the experience of supporting your clients during this process.

Intuitive Eating has a few very small studies around the implementation with eating disorders. Much more studies need to be performed! So where do you start?

Questions to ask your clients: “What are they capable of doing?” Can the client know and “listen” to their own body? Can they adequately respond to their body? Those in the throws of their eating disorder need a nutrition rehabilitation meal plan. BUT you can provide some insight into concepts of intuitive eating when they are on more structure. Questions you might ask your client” “How does this food feel in your body?”

Generally a client needs structure. Evelyn described this as the body being ravaged by the eating disorder and they need a CAST first to stabilize their eating behaviors.

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