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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Jun 1, 2020

All of these twos! This was not planned. In this session Jill and Meredith discuss the education component in dietitian sessions. Dietitians have a huge role in eating disorder support by providing education to clients. Often most client "know" a lot however they "know" a lot of misinformation. A dietitian helps dispel these food and nutrition myths, helps a client unlearn and then learn evidence based information. 

Meredith and Jill also discuss the concept of education or psychoeducation being a "clinician block." If you do not know about clinician blocks, check out Dr. Adele LaFrance's work around Emotion Coaching Family Therapy or EFFT. Meredith discusses the concept, "Knowbody cares about what you know unless they know that you care!"

Meredith and Jill provide reduced rate informal consultation or formal supervision from a dietitian and therapist perspective. If interested, check out our website and to learn more. Sign up for our newsletter for monthly "freebies!"