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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Apr 6, 2020

Welcome Kari Anderson to our podcast! You can learn all about her at She has also written a book and has a new one coming this year. Kari, Jill and Meredith discuss new interventions that continue to emerge that can be used in the treatment of eating disorders as well as established interventions. 

What reason do new interventions and modalities perhaps not interest newer practioners in the field of eating disorders? What reason are "older" interventions and modalities not encouraged or used anymore (they are but actually often "repackaged"  as often in the field? How can we incorporate all of them, even as one practioner? CBT, DBT, ACT, IFS, RO-DBT, etc. There are so many amazing tools to place in a clinicians tool box. Listen on, on how to take risks to support clients in their recovery.