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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Jun 27, 2019

Jill does all the talking in this podcast! Meredith does all the listening! Dietitians play a vital role in helping a client reengage with their own biology. Meal planning is a huge vehicle a dietitian uses to support a client on their journey back towards normalized eating. Jill discusses the various types of meal planning methods to help new dietitians in the field understand various interventions (just as a therapist usually does not just use CBT!). Meredith discusses her perspectives as a therapist when working with dietitians in the past and her understanding of various meal plan interventions dietitians use. Learn some basics as a dietitian new to the field or just a good basic review. Understand the role the dietitian plays for therapists that are just understanding the role of the dietitian on the treatment team.