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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Nov 25, 2020

We're back! Yes, right before Thanksgiving Day to boot!

Today Jill and Meredith discuss countertransference. This information is from Lisa Ferentze. Check out her resources at the Ferentze Institute .

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show that had a therapist role. Were they ethical? Would YOU do this in session? Lisa Ferentze discusses Wilson and Lindy's models of countertransference. Listen on as Meredith and Jill will highlight a few areas from this training. 

What is countertransference? How can it be helpful and perhaps hurtful in sessions. KNOW YOURSELF and use SUPERVISION to process your countertransference when it comes up!

Watch this clip from Good Will Hunting for a little background or go watch the movie. 

We will cover these aspects of countertransference:

1-Empathic disequilibrium: Feel a little ineffective with clients?

2-Empathic withdrawl: Feeling distant from your client for your own safety? 

3-Empathic enmeshment: Feeling highly related to a client's story leading to inappropriate boundaries? 

4-Empathic repression: Feeling overwhelmed with a client's emotional experience by rationalizing or minimizing or not coming back with a follow up session?