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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Feb 22, 2019

“Team communication and collaboration are essential to prevent confusion and misunderstandings and to reinforce a unified message (Alexander & Treasure, 2012, p.146)." In episode 1, therapist Meredith Riddick and dietitian Jill Sechi dive into their take on a collaborative approach and why it is important to promote a unified message. They talk about how having a collaborative team approach can be very beneficial, and how not having a collaborative approach can end up being problematic. Meredith and Jill also go into the different challenges when trying to collaborate with different clinicians, and how to face those challenges head on while still "staying in your lane." They also discuss the different themes of collaborating and how to utilize these themes in your practice daily. We hope you get an understanding of why we are A Collaborative Approach, and hope to spike your interest into our next Episode 2: Part 1 of the Ten Commandments.