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Dietitian Seasonings and Therapist Reasonings

Jun 8, 2020

In this episode, Meredith and Jill have the opportunity to interview Dr. Bunnell. Through his 30 years of experience in the ED field, he shares his clinical wisdom and generally describes the 14 qualities or characteristics of effective therapists/clinicians. There are more and more clinicians entering the ED field. However, there lacks adequate training and supervision. How do we nourish and grow new talent in the field of EDs and accelerate the process of learning and professional development? How do you teach "clinical wisdom?"

1-Interpersonal skills (you don't need to be "technically good")

2-capacity to create trust

3-build alliance with your client

4-provide a clear explanation for what you are doing

5-provide a plan that is consistent with your explanation (aka, "treatment planning")

6-influential, persuasive and convincing

7-monitor progress authentically

8-flexible and willing to adapt

9-AVOID avoidance

10-conveying hope and optimism

11- EMBRACE complexity (resisting the urge to be reductionistic of EDs on how they start and what maintains the ED itself in each client)

12- ability to factor in the clinician's emotional reactions and use these to guide your communication, reaction and conceptualization

13- greater self awareness and CONSTANTLY looking to improve your skills and understanding

14- ability to THINK "outside the box:" don't get locked into one treatment modality and READ and UNDERSTAND outside your scope of practice and the ED field (substance use for example)

EDs are complex illness. Even clinicians can get in the trap of "knowing what is coming" and you must stay humble with each client you serve. Dr. Bunnell encourages those clinicians that feel they need a high level of clarity and confirmation in the  work they are doing is effective you might be in the wrong niche or area. Developing faith that the the clinician has set something in motion and develops the ability to tolerate ambiguity is a must in the ED field.